About Us: Mujita, Moojie.com

Eve Kennedy
Eve is principal  artist and web architect of Mujita Web Design, which she launched in  2000. An experienced designer and art educator, Eve has been owner and  principal of Renaissance Graphic Design since 1984, and prior to that,  co-founded a successful offset printing company. She earned her B.S. in Art Education from  the State University of New York at New Paltz, where she also completed a studio  minor in photography. Eve taught in the public school system (Bennington, Vermont) for three years  before following her entrepreneurial instincts into the printing industry, and  continues to offer periodic intensives in graphic design at the high school  level. In her role with Mujita, she applies many of these same teaching skills  to lead clients through the steps of web site creation and design, helping them  match their look to business objectives and the overall tone of the  organization. 



Michael Graham

Michael  Graham
Michael is a freelance desktop publishing specialist, digital  photographer, and consultant with over 30 years of marketing and sales training  experience with E.I. DuPont and Textron. After many years in a diverse corporate  atmosphere, he founded Mountain Graphics, an independent desktop  publishing service in Shushan, NY. He specializes in working with small business  owners to design, coordinate and implement effective marketing programs, sales  aids, catalogs, price lists, PowerPoint presentations and databases. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from Ithaca (New York)  College.



Sara Kelly

Sara  Kelly
Sara has a strong background in arts and crafts, with formal schooling  in jewelry design and fine art from the State University of New Paltz. Her  graphic design reflects her training, utilizing hand drawn images and an  eclectic range of colors and layout, in non-traditional ways. She specializes in  Adobe Photoshop, and has years of experience manipulating images, creating color  separations, enhancing photos and creating original artwork with the aid of a  pressure sensitive tablet. She is skilled at troubleshooting for pre-press and  technical problems that can happen (and do) in many aspects of graphic design.  She also shares work space with the Over the Moon Beads & Gifts, in  Cambridge New York.  Visit the website at www.overthemoongraphics.com



Robin Bolduc

Robin Bolduc
Robin is a digital retouch artist who has spent two decades working on a wide variety of projects for many of the primary printing and advertising companies in Richmond, VA. Her clients cover a large spectrum including individuals, freelance artists, small businesses, museums, and large advertising agencies representing multi-national corporations. Robin’s expertise is in enhancing, changing and combining photography with digital effects to create the look the client sees and wants to share with the world. She offers a wide variety of creative options, but is most often called upon for color correcting and retouching, detail creation or cover-ups, restoration and creative combinations of multiple photos.  Visit her website at www.bolducimaging.com.



Amy Swisher

Amy  Swisher
As a communications consultant, coach and writer, Amy has developed  multi-faceted marketing campaigns for clients in healthcare, business,  education, and the arts. She worked in corporate public relations for 18 years  before launching her own business in 1998; served as Communications Coordinator  and national spokesperson for the First Day Foundation  from 1999-2003; has  presented at creativity conferences in the United States, Europe and Africa; and  has authored newspaper columns on topics ranging from youth issues, to  parenting, to elder wisdom. In 2004, she returned to the corporate field, though  she continues to work on a couple of book projects at any given time, and to  promote Mujita clients’ varied products and services. Amy earned her B.S. in  Performance Studies from Northwestern University and her Master’s in Education  from Antioch/New England Graduate School.



Ron Hausthor

Ron Hausthor
Ron is our Technical Evangelist, a Physicist by trade who made the jump to computers in the late eighties in  San Francisco.  Ron owns E-Enable Inc., a network consulting firm based out of  Bennington, Vermont. They specialize in hardware and network nfrastructure,  Web Hosting and custom programming. E-Enable Inc. also configures Web Base  Applications including: Shopping Carts, Secure Certificates, Blogs, Video  Streaming, List Servers, Content Management Applications, and E-Mail. Visit them on the web at www.eenable.net.